July 15, 2021 

Domino V Series Thermal Transfer Overprint Coders

A Domino V series thermal transfer overprint coder model V320i in action on a production line.

Domino’s V series thermal transfer overprint coders have had modest improvements in recent years. Domino’s V series includes three cost-efficient and versatile models, with a range of features for optimized installation, maintenance, and production speeds. 

Let’s take a look at Domino’s TTO strategy and see how the V120i, V230i, and V320i thermal transfer overprint coders compare.

Overview of Domino’s V Series Thermal Transfer Overprint Coders

Domino’s V series keeps up with the standards of the industry, with no specific feature that makes it innovative. Included with every model is a bracket conversion kit, which allows you to install your V series coder into almost any existing thermal transfer bracket. This functionality is often utilized in the snack food industry, as you can easily integrate a Domino TTO with packaging equipment like flow wrappers and baggers.

In terms of efficiency, Domino’s V series thermal transfer overprint coders have low power consumption and don’t require compressed air. Two out of the three models are also lightweight. 

The V series uses Domino’s proprietary i-Tech ribbon drive, which Domino markets as being economical. In truth, the economical function of the i-Tech ribbon is only useful for continuous motion applications because the ribbon runs at a slower rate than the film speed, which effectively stretches or smudges the mark. The stress created on the ribbon in the cassette path requires the use of tension devices, or “dancer rollers,” to ease the rigidity.

Below we dive a little deeper into each of the Domino V series models and the applications for which each model is most beneficial.

Domino V120i: Affordable and Adaptable

The Domino V120i is an updated cost-efficient TTO solution for printing small, high-quality codes on flexible packagings like wrappers, pouches, sachets, and bags. The V120i is Domino’s entry-level thermal transfer overprint coder, aimed at businesses making the transition from traditional hot stamp and roller coders to digital real-time coding. 

Despite the lower price, the V120i is the same printer as the V230i, except the V120i does not come with a cassette. A printer with no cassette dramatically increases the change over time for the ribbon, which shuts down the entire production line. Another downside to the V120i is the code width, which is maxed out at 32mm. However, if you’re looking for an affordable solution for printing small codes with high quality, the Domino V120i is an attractive option.

Domino V230i: Versatile and Flexible

The Domino V230i is the flagship model with an all-electric design. The V230i is updated with “encoder speed profile” troubleshooting capabilities to compete with Videojet, the current market leader, in TTO. This is an invaluable tool for setting up and troubleshooting applications on continuous motion packaging lines. The printer display collects data such as film and ribbon speed as well as film time and depicts this data on a graph. Printing operation timing and duration signals are also displayed simultaneously.

The V230i is very similar to the V120i, but with two available printhead widths for printing at a maximum of 32mm and 53mm. Both the V120i and the V230i also come with simple bracket conversion kits, allowing them to fit into almost all existing thermal transfer brackets. Domino enhanced the user experience by updating their calendar function for date offset selection for a true ease-of-use tool. The major drawback for the V230i is its ribbon length of 770m, which is 35% shorter than comparable competitor models that average a 1200m ribbon length. This also creates more downtime, as the ribbon will need to be changed more frequently.

Overall, the V230i is the most versatile and flexible TTO coder in the Domino V series lineup, and it can fit into many different production lines and applications.

Domino V320i: Fast and Efficient

The V320i was first produced a few years ago with an air-actuated design to extend and retract the printhead mechanism. The design of the air bladders used in the field create catastrophic failures. Unfortunately, the V320i still uses this air-actuated technology today.

Despite this major issue, Domino boasts the V320i has the fastest speeds in the industry, with a maximum print speed of 1400mm/s. The V320i is also fitted with one of the longest ribbon rolls in the industry and can go up to 400,000 prints between ribbon changes when in economy mode. The economy mode works great in a lab where a technician can constantly watch the application, but if it is turned on in the field, the application becomes troublesome. Like the V230i, the V320i features two printhead widths—53mm and 128mm—allowing you to print larger high-resolution codes than competing TTO models. 

Domino V Series TTO Coder Product Comparison

To help you evaluate Domino’s V series thermal transfer overprint coders, here’s a comparison of their technical specs and features:

 Domino V120iDomino V230iDomino V320i
Printhead Code Width32mm32mm and 53mm53mm and 128mm
Code Print Quality300dpi300dpi300dpi
Maximum Print Speed750mm/s750mm/s1400mm/s
Average Prints Between Ribbon Change77,00077,000160,000
Economy Mode Prints Between Ribbon Change192,500192,500400,000
Graphical User InterfaceQuickStep full-color WYSISYG interfaceQuickStep full-color WYSISYG interfaceQuickStep full-color WYSISYG interface
PC Label Design Software IncludedYesYesYes
Simple Bracket Conversion KitsYesYesYes

Overall, you’ll get the same code print quality, print speeds, and ribbon efficiency from both the Domino V120i and the V230i. The biggest difference is simply the maximum code width, so that will likely be your deciding factor. If there isn’t a need for wider codes, a ribbon cassette, or larger production runs, then the V120i is your best bet, especially if the operation is on a budget. However, if you need to be able to change out the ribbon quickly or if you run multiple production shifts and need the versatility of multiple printhead widths, your best choice will be to upgrade to the V230i.

If you want to stick with Domino products and speed and maximum efficiency are crucial to your production line, the Domino V320i can work. It’s a fast thermal transfer overprint coder in the industry, and it features longer ribbons than any of the competition. Plus, the V320i still manages to be affordable relative to its top-of-the-line performance. Domino is one of the three leading brands in the coding and marking industry due in large part to its V series thermal transfer overprint coders. It will be interesting to see how Domino continues to update its TTO products to remain influential in printing innovation and efficiency.

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