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Having the information you need to quickly adapt and proactively act is the difference between uninterrupted processes and slowdowns or even stoppage, and C&M Digest wants to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

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  • Technologies. Coding and marking technology is getting faster, smarter, and more intuitive. See what new tools will impact your business, explore what they can do, and make more informed decisions about what you need—and what you don’t.
  • Trends. Advances in packaging, new consumer demands, innovative ways to display information—your field never stands still, and being able to move with it keeps you on top. 
  • Challenges. Big changes. Big challenges. Even bigger solutions. From pandemics to regulations to ever-growing logistical complexities, a web of connected problems can tie you up. Or you can react, adapt, and thrive.

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Recent Solutions Posts

Examining CIJ vs. Fiber Laser

CIJ vs. fiber laser—wondering which system may be right for you? Read this comparison piece to find out the answer.

Top Technologies for Printing on Flexible Packaging

Want to start printing on flexible packaging? Choose one of these three options.

Fiber Laser Marking Problems and How To Overcome Them

Find solutions to the most common fiber laser marking problems in this troubleshooting guide.

Fiber Laser vs. CO2 Laser: What Is the Difference?

Fiber laser vs. CO2 laser—what differentiates these two marking systems? Find out in this brief comparison.

Breaking Down Thermal Printer Advantages and Disadvantages

Thermal printers are compact and easy to use, but there are drawbacks. Learn about thermal printer advantages and disadvantages in this analysis.

Laser Marking vs. Inkjet Printing

Laser marking vs. inkjet printing—which option is right for you? Read our analysis to find out.

Flexible Film Printing: Best Practices and Key Considerations

Read our flexible film printing best practice guide for high-quality marking on your product packaging.

FAQs on Substrate Versatility for Inkjet Printing

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding substrate versatility for inkjet printing to ensure coding success.

The Properties of Food Grade Ink vs. Food Packaging Ink

Learn about the properties of food grade ink vs. food packaging ink and which formula you should choose for your food packaging requirements.

Choosing the Best Handheld Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottle Printing

Searching for a new handheld inkjet printer for plastic bottles? Consider these factors to find the best model to fit your needs.

Printing With Environmentally Friendly Ink: Key Considerations and Best Practices

Learn how companies can use environmentally friendly ink to boost sustainability and create attractive product packaging with these best practices.

Choosing the Best Glass Bottle Batch Coding Machine to Improve Operational Efficiency

Looking for the best glass bottle batch coding machine for your production line? Consider these elements to improve your search.

Fume Extractor for Laser Marking Machines: How They Work and Why They Are Necessary

It’s important to have a fume extractor for laser marking machines—but why? Learn more about the role fume extractors play in keeping workers safe.

Benefits of Direct-To-Shape Inkjet Printing

If you’re interested in learning about direct-to-shape inkjet printing, here are the major benefits associated with this industrial coding technology.

QR Code Printing Best Practices

New to QR code printing? Follow these best practices to help ensure coding success.

Continuous Inkjet Printer: Advantages and Disadvantages

Learn all about the different continuous inkjet printer advantages and disadvantages in this tech analysis.

Benefits of Choosing Thermal Transfer Printing for Barcodes

Learn about the advantages of thermal transfer printing barcodes to increase product traceability and maintain code compliance.

Digital UV Printing Benefits and Common Uses

Learn about digital UV printing benefits and common applications in this tech overview.

Quality Batch Coding Machines for 2022

Searching for a new batch coding machine? Stay on the lookout for these new CIJ and TIJ batch coding releases in 2022.

Choosing the Best Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Learn more about the best fiber laser marking machines on the market today and how to select the machine most suitable for your industry.

MEK-Based Ink: What It Is and Why It’s Used

Want to learn more about MEK-based inks? Read here to find out what MEK is and why it’s important to the industrial coding industry.

Life of a Thermal Inkjet Printer Cartridge: How Long Should It Last and What Affects It?

Unsure of how to best care for your thermal inkjet printer cartridges? Here’s what you need to know.

The Most Popular Continuous Inkjet Printer Systems for 2022

In this detailed list, learn about five of the most popular continuous inkjet printers available for the coding and marking industry in 2022.

CO2 Laser Marking System Overview: Operating Principles and Common Applications

Curious about industrial laser technology? Read this CO2 laser marking system overview to learn how they work and how they’re used.

Labeling Requirements for Hazardous Materials: A U.S. Legislation Overview

Labeling requirements for hazardous materials are stringent and enforced by multiple federal agencies. Here’s what you need to know about hazmat labeling.

The Importance of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Coding & Marking

Learn more about three major roles of AI in packaging and palletizing, including current uses and future developments for the coding and marking industry.

AI in Packaging and Palletizing: Current Uses and Next Generation Developments

Learn more about three major roles of AI in packaging and palletizing, including current uses and future developments for the coding and marking industry.

Best Mid-Market CIJ Printers for Industrial Applications

Looking for mid-market CIJ printers that can deliver great coding results? Start your search with these three models.

Common Issues with Inkjet Date Coding and Printing

Maintain steady uptime by avoiding these common issues with inkjet date coding and printing.

Dust-Clogged Printhead: How To Overcompensate for Environmental Factors

Excessive heat, freezing temperatures, and high humidity can lead to dust-clogged printheads and hardware issues. These methods can protect your printer.

Why Is My CIJ Printer Overheating?

The temperature of my production facility is normal, so why is my CIJ printer overheating? Read here for common causes and effective solutions.

Exploring Thermal Inkjet Printer Manufacturers

Read here for a breakdown of some of the top thermal inkjet printer manufacturers and their popular TIJ products.

The Best Case Coding Printers for 2021

Searching for the best case coding printers 2021 has to offer? Click here to learn about some of the best printer models on the market today.

CIJ Printer vs. TIJ Printer: Which Option is Best for You?

This guide will break down the key differences between a CIJ printer vs. TIJ printer and help you determine which option is right for you.

Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Packaging Line Efficiency

Searching for ways to enhance your packaging line efficiency? These three methods are both sustainable and effective.

How do I Extend The Life of a Barcode Label Printer?

Barcodes are important for manufacturers in all industries. Read here for effective ways to extend the life of a barcode label printer for maximum uptime.

4 Common Thermal Printer Problems and Solutions

Read here to learn more about the most common thermal printer problems users experience as well as potential solutions to help maximize performance.

Pros and Cons of Third-Party Inkjet Cartridges for TIJ

Curious about the quality of third-party inkjet cartridges? Learn about aftermarket pros and cons in this overview.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels vs. Self-Adhesive: Is There a Difference?

Pressure-sensitive labels vs. self-adhesive labels—what’s the difference? Read here to find out.

Advantages of a Handheld Thermal Inkjet Printer

The key advantages of a handheld thermal inkjet printer include mobility, versatility, and high-quality coding capabilities. Read here to learn more.

The Best High-Resolution Printers for Case Coding Applications

Searching for the best high-resolution printers for case coding? These three technologies will help you mark packages with sharp, highly legible codes.

3 Tips for Improving Packaging Line Efficiency

By improving packaging line efficiency, companies can boost their product output for maximum profit. Follow these three tips to improve line workflow.

Guide to Ingress Protection (IP) in Coding and Marking

Unsure of how to decipher ingress protection in coding and marking equipment? This guide will show you everything you need to know.

Combat Common Thermal Printer Problems with These Tips

Keep your TIJ printer operating properly by implementing solutions to these common thermal printer problems.

Choosing The Best Aftermarket Ink Cartridges for CIJ

Searching for the best aftermarket ink cartridges? Follow this guide to learn where to find a formula that’s perfect for your needs.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Inkjet Printers for Harsh Environments

These three heavy-duty industrial inkjet printers ensure marking success even in the harshest environments.

3 Best Heat Shrink Label Printers for Product Packaging

Looking for the best heat shrink label printers for product packaging? These three machines can help your operation achieve code compliance.

CIJ vs DOD: Breaking Down the Differences

If you’re curious about the differences between CIJ vs. DOD inkjet technologies, this article has all the answers you need.

Digital Printing on Flexible Film: Choosing the Best Variable Data Printer

Digital printing on flexible film can be completed through a variety of methods. Here are some of the most effective approaches today.

Digital Printing on Flexible Packaging: Choosing the Best Variable Data Printer

Digital printing on flexible packaging can be performed in many ways. Find out which variable data printer would be best for you in this guide.

The Best Manufacturer Warranty for Coding and Marking Printers: What to Look For

A bad warranty can lead to expensive repairs and delays, so it’s crucial to shop around for the best manufacturer warranty for coding and marking printers.

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Technology Comparison

Curious about the differences between direct thermal vs. thermal transfer technology? This detailed comparison has the answers.

The 4 Best Printers for Continuous Inkjet Systems

Wondering what the best printers for continuous inkjet systems are? Here are four of today’s best CIJ models.

How to Improve Ink Efficiency and Effectiveness

Want to improve ink efficiency within your operation? These best practices will enable you to make the most of your ink supply.

Usage-Based Preventative Maintenance in Industrial Coding Systems

Usage-based preventative maintenance keeps your coding equipment running at peak efficiency even in unusual production environments or high-volume lines.

When Is Time-Based Preventative Maintenance My Best Option?

Wondering if time-based preventative maintenance is the best choice for your coding hardware? Learn the answers in this brief guide.

Defining Machine as a Service for Batch Code Printing and Beyond

When using Machine as a Service for batch code printing, a small fee is paid for each code printed rather than paying for equipment up front.

Choosing Coding Technologies for Pharmaceutical Applications

Choosing coding technologies for pharmaceutical applications can be a complicated task. This overview sheds light on how to find the best tech available.

The Top High-Performance Inks for Plastic Printing

Looking for high-performance inks for plastic printing? The three industry-leading formulas detailed in this article are a great place to start.

Printhead Design Changes for 2021: The Road to Printed Perfection

Innovation continues driving the industrial printing industry forward, with several interesting printhead design changes in 2021.

Exploring Solutions for High-Resolution Inkjet Printing

The industry’s top manufacturers of coding and marking technologies have developed a wide range of solutions for high-resolution inkjet printing.

The History of Industrial Product Ink Brands

Curious about the history of industrial product ink brands? Learn about four major players in this industry analysis.

Solutions for Digital Printing on Transparent Plastic Sheets

Digital printing on transparent plastic sheets is an easy application with these three solutions.

Coding and Marking Systems Market Research: 2021 Forecast

Read here to learn what coding and marking systems market research is forecasting for the industry in 2021.

The History of Industrial Product Marking

In this article, we explore the history of industrial product marking from its inception to its present and future status.

The History of Inkjet Product Printing and Coding: From Liquid Jet to Piezoelectric

The history of inkjet product printing and coding from the invention of liquid jet printing to the cutting-edge equipment and materials being used today.

Reducing Marking Mistakes Using Proper Coding Technology

The easiest way to reduce marking mistakes is by using the proper coding technology for your product and manufacturing environment.

The 3 Best Handheld Inkjet Marking Systems

Looking for the best handheld inkjet marking systems? This guide outlines the best TIJ models on the market.

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