January 6, 2022 

Best Mid-Market CIJ Printers for Industrial Applications

DuraCode mid-market CIJ printer

For almost 70 years, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers have been regarded as one of the best industrial marking technologies the market has to offer. Easy to use, versatile, and capable of coding products moving at hundreds of meters per minute, CIJ printers are commonly found in production lines across the world. Thanks to the wide selection of CIJ-compatible inks, the printers on these production lines can code everything from glass bottles and metal food cans to flexible packaging and film.  

To meet the unique needs of different industries and line setups, the CIJ market is filled with diverse printer models that differ from one another when it comes to printing speed, max resolution, and environmental resistance. As expected, these different properties can have a large effect on printer cost, with the highest-end CIJ printers priced up to $20,000. However, not all operations require the cutting-edge abilities and high-powered printing offered by the latest top-tier CIJ printers. 

For those who simply need a quality printer that can consistently produce quality codes, here are three of the best mid-market CIJ printers available today.

DuraCode Keyboard and Touchscreen

DuraCode mid market CIJ printer

Distributed by aftermarket ink manufacturer InkJet, Inc., DuraCode series printers are quintessential mid-market CIJ models. Available with either touchscreen or keyboard interfaces based on the most commonly used features, DuraCode printers are as easy to use as they are easy to integrate into existing line setups or data networks. 

Beyond intuitive use, DuraCode printers also offer solid speed specs, as they can print at speeds up to 320 m/min. These speeds allow them to meet the needs of most industrial coding lines. The DuraCode’s stainless steel build and IP55 ingress protection rating also make them great choices for facilities prone to dust and water presence, such as beverage bottling plants and food packaging facilities

The DuraCode retails for around $8,000

Leibinger JET2neo

Leibinger JET2neo mid-market CIJ printer

Germany-based company Leibinger has been manufacturing high-performing mid-market CIJ printers for decades. Today, its inventory includes 15 continuous inkjet models, all with different application specialties and capabilities. This can make the decision of what model may be best for your facility complex. While its CIJ selection is diverse, the company promotes the JET2neo as its “go-to continuous inkjet printer.”

Although the JET2neo doesn’t match the DuraCode in terms of speed (286 m/min. max printing speed vs. 320 m/min.), this printer is built with many other features that make it a great CIJ choice. The JET2neo utilizes Leibinger’s signature Sealtronic printhead technology, designed to prevent clogged nozzles by retracing during periods of inactivity. This prevents ink from drying out, and in turn, eliminates the need for regular cleaning/rinsing cycles, allowing for quicker start-ups and longer periods of productivity. 

In addition to Sealtronic technology, the JET2neo also comes stock with a stainless steel housing and IP54 rating. With these features, the JET2neo can deliver quality results consistently without falling prey to environmental problems. 

The Leibinger JET2neo retails for around $8,000-$9,000. 

Linx 10

Linx 10 mid-market CIJ printer

In the industrial coding industry, UK-based printer manufacturer Linx is considered to be a pricey “jack of all trades.” Offering everything from large character coders to thermal transfer overprinters, Linx seems to have a machine for every application. Included in its offerings are three continuous inkjet printers: the Linx 8900, the Linx 7900, and the Linx 10. Of these options, the Linx 10 is its mid-market system.

Looking at the raw specs of the Linx 10, the system can’t quite match the printing speeds of either the DuraCode or the JET2neo. Whereas these other systems can print at speeds up above 280 m/min, the Linx 10 is limited to around 160 m/min. However, the Linx 10 does have strengths that lie in its innovative portable design. 

Both the DuraCode and JET2neo are relatively bulky, heavy machines, and once installed on a production line, it takes substantial time and effort to move them without the use of a mobile cart. Conversely, the Linx 10 is built for true portability. Even when filled with ink and makeup, the Linx 10 only weighs around 24 pounds. This portability is complemented by the system’s intuitive user interface and on-screen installation guide. With these features, users can easily move the Linx 10 around their facilities and quickly have it operating without the assistance of an expert. 

The Linx 10 retails for around $9,500. 

A Quick Comparison of the Featured Mid-Market CIJ Printers

Below, we give a quick comparison of some of the most important qualities of the three featured mid-market CIJ printers. For the finer details, we encourage visiting each printer’s product page.

Printer NameMax Printing SpeedOperating TemperatureIP RatingUnit WeightCost
DuraCode320 m/min.41-113° F IP5560 lbs. (w/o fluid)$8,000
JET2neo286 m/min.41-113° F IP5440 lbs. (w/o fluid)$8,000 - $9,000 
Linx 10160 m/min.41-113° F IP5524 lbs. (with fluid)$9,500 

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