December 7, 2021 

Exploring Thermal Inkjet Printer Manufacturers

Some of the most influential thermal inkjet manufacturers are Rynan, Anser, HSA Systems, and RediMark.

If you’ve had any exposure to the industrial printing field in the last few decades, chances are high that you have either used or at least heard of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers. Thermal inkjet printers are versatile tools that are designed to be used in either production line setups or as handheld marking machines and are capable of placing everything from company logos to machine-scannable barcodes on both porous and non-porous materials. 

Thermal inkjet printers were first introduced in the 1990s and are now a major component of the modern coding industry, as they are popular for their compact sizes, great coding results, affordable upfront costs, and relatively low maintenance needs. Many coding and marking manufacturers have found great success with thermal inkjet production.

Below, we take a look at a few of the thermal inkjet printer manufacturers and products that have been influential in the market for the last few years. 

Popular Thermal Inkjet Printer Manufacturers and Products

Although TIJ printers are often marketed by international printing giants like Videojet, Domino, and Markem-Imaje, some of the more popular TIJ technologies are produced by the companies featured below.

1. Rynan

Based in Singapore and Vietnam, Rynan is a relative newcomer to the industrial printing field. Formed in 2015, Rynan has held a singular focus on developing TIJ printer models and ink formulas in partnership with Mylan Group since its inception. Emphasizing cost-effectiveness and sustainability, Rynan offers several TIJ printers ranging from dual printhead touchscreen controllers and single head handheld printers to single head variable data printers. True to Rynan’s emphasis on affordability, many of its printers are available at prices around $1,000 each. A large part of Rynan’s global sales comes from regional distribution, “white labeling,” and manufacturing TIJ printers for other OEMs. That being said, in North America, Rynan isn’t as popular and has minimal sales.

Here’s a breakdown of Rynan’s most popular TIJ options:

Printer Model NameRYNAN R20 PRORYNAN B1040HRYNAN 1200e
Max Printheads2116
Printhead Size2.5”2.5”2.5”
Max Resolution600 x 600 DPI600 x 600 DPI600 x 600 DPI
Max Printing Speed76 m/min at 300 DPI76 m/min at 300 DPI96 m/min at 300 DPI

2. Anser

Established in 1986, Anser is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of TIJ hardware and ink solutions. For more than 30 years, Anser has believed there is no limit on thermal inkjet technology and denies that TIJ has any cons. Anser has built a reputation for creating reliable printers that push the capabilities of thermal inkjet technology by partnering with numerous cartridge manufacturers. Research and development investments with other cartridge manufacturers ensure that a single supplier cannot control their innovations or hold them to a quota. Its newest production line model, the Anser X1, is compatible with three different cartridge types. However, its flagship product line for more than a decade has been the U2 Series. Anser was an early adopter of the Funai cartridge for the U2 Pro, which had catastrophic failure claims for its distributors worldwide. Because of this, the U2 Series quickly went back to only offering HP cartridges.

Here’s a breakdown of Anser’s most popular TIJ options:

Printer Model NameAnser X1Anser U2-Pro SAnser U2-SmartOne
Max Printheads211
Printhead Size1”0.5”1”
Max Resolution600 x 600 DPI400 x 600 DPI400 x 300 DPI
Max Printing Speed30m/min at 600 DPI
300m/min at 60 DPI
60.96 m/min at 300 DPI60.96 m/min at 300 DPI

3. HSA Systems

Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, HSA Systems has been a well-known name in the industrial marking equipment field since the 1990s. Although it carries several feeder systems, ink formulas, and transport units, the company is most well-known for its HSAJET thermal inkjet printers. HSA Systems is a long-standing authorized licensee of HP Inkjet Technology. In the early 2000s, this created a competitive advantage for any manufacturer with a license. HSA’s TIJ equipment is built for easy line integration—however, the user interface is not nearly as intuitive as claimed, and while it’s a reliable product, there is nothing truly innovative, as more models are at the end of their life cycle.  Additionally, HSA offers hardware specifically built for high-volume applications, including high-speed TIJ models and powerful touch controllers that can simultaneously control up to eight printheads.

Here’s a breakdown of HSA’s most popular TIJ options:

Printer Model NameHSAJET Micron MCHP1HSAJET MiniKey MKHP4TIPC15 (Touch Controller)
Max Printheads12 Standard (4 w/ added 2-Pen Remote)2 Standard (8 w/ distributor box add-on)
Printhead Size0.5”0.5” (2” w/ full stitching)0.5” (4” w/ full stitching)
Max Resolution300 x 300 DPI600 x 2400 DPI600 x 2400 DPI
Max Printing Speed76 m/min at 300 DPI152m/min at 300 x 300 DPI152m/min at 300 x 300 DPI

4. RediMark

A newcomer to the industrial coding and marking industry, RediMark made big waves back in 2018 with its user-guided printer selector e-commerce platform. RediMark tried to disrupt the TIJ market with the Funai cartridge while simultaneously building a name in the marketplace. Selling roughly 300 printers a year, RediMark has created a reputation for itself in the few years that it has been in the market. Founded by coding and marking industry veterans in Wilsonville, Oregon, RediMark’s company goal, which is similar to the other listed brands, is to reduce complications and make date coding as simple as possible. Perhaps in support of this mission, the company only offers one printer model at the moment—the RediMark TC12 Coder. An affordable yet effective printer model, the TC12 coder is specifically designed for printing neophytes, especially entrepreneurs and startup companies that prefer to buy something for the now that is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Here are the RediMark TC12’s important specs:

Printer Model NameRediMark TC12 Coder.
Max Printheads1
Printhead Size0.5”
Max Resolution300 x 300 DPI
Max Printing Speed122 m/min

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