March 3, 2022 

The Most Popular Continuous Inkjet Printer Systems for 2022

The five best continuous inkjet printer systems for 2022 are the Markem-Imaje 9450, Videojet 1580, Hitachi UX, Linx 10, and InkJet Inc. DuraCode Touchscreen.

Popular since the 1950s, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers are essential to countless production lines across the globe. Used in industries ranging from beverage bottling and dairy packaging to chemical processing, pharmaceutical development, and wire/cable extrusion, continuous inkjet printers provide users with the marking speed and accuracy required to comply with modern coding standards. With a well-functioning CIJ printer, companies can ensure their products are marked with distributor-required information like expiration dates, serial numbers, and lot codes.

Because these printers are integral to complying with industry standards and—in certain cases—government regulations, they need to run efficiently for optimal uptime. Unlike certain other segments of the printing industry, the CIJ sector doesn’t evolve particularly fast. The top CIJ manufacturers stand by their models for years, and their clients rightfully expect the machines to operate successfully for extended periods. 

If you’re looking for a new continuous inkjet printer to begin your production year, start your search with the options below.

Five Best-Selling Continuous Inkjet Printers

Below, we take a look at five of the most popular CIJ models in today’s market. Each of these models has been available since at least 2018, and their continued popularity is a testament to their reliability and great coding results. 

1. Markem-Imaje 9450

The 9450 is the premier small character continuous inkjet printer produced by global printing giant Markem-Imaje and is a great choice for general CIJ applications. Built with a mono-jet printhead, the Markem-Imaje 9450 can print up to five lines simultaneously at speeds of up to 396 m/min. With a maximum printing resolution of 115 DPI, operators can use the 9450 to create 1D and 2D barcodes, small company logos, and highly legible text. 

Operated by a 7” touchscreen, the 9450’s user interface is both intuitive and informative, as it provides users with real-time warnings concerning potential performance issues and alarming consumption rates. To help users meet their packaging design goals and traceability needs, Markem-Imaje has a wide range of compatible ink options for the 9450, including formulas with high-adhesion, high-contrast, and color properties.

2. Videojet 1580

Videojet has a long history of creating high-quality continuous inkjet printers, and the 1500 series is likely its most popular line of CIJ systems today. Made up of their medium-duty CIJ models, The 1500 series, which consists of medium-duty CIJ models, has had a few different iterations over the years that have since been discontinued, but today, the best available 1500 model is the Videojet 1580.

The 1580 is a solid mid-market all-purpose CIJ system that can print up to five lines of text simultaneously at a maximum speed of 278 m/min. Although this model’s spec sheet is relatively standard (IP55 protections and a 0.4” print height), the 1580 does offer several software and hardware advancements that help simplify operation and prevent downtime. For example, the Videojet 1580 comes with:

  • Videojet OPTIMiZE, a self-diagnosing software that provides users with important operating information and instructions on how to care for the system.
  • Videojet WinCE + SIMPLICiTY, an interface specifically designed to reduce operator interactions as much as possible to eliminate potential user errors.
  • Videojet SmartCell components that are designed to be as easy as possible to replace to minimize periods of downtime. 

3. Hitachi UX 

For more than 100 years, Japan-based company Hitachi, Ltd, which operates in the Americas as Hitachi Industrial Equipment and Solutions America (HIESA), has been a manufacturing powerhouse. Known to the public for its automotive systems, construction machinery, and various consumer products, Hitachi also has a very successful line of continuous inkjet printers, including the popular UX Series CIJ printers.

The Hitachi UX offers impressive speed numbers (up to 2,000 characters per second) and formidable environmental resistance. Not only does the UX come with a strong IP65-rated infrastructure that completely blocks out dust ingress, but the model can also operate in extreme temperatures that range from 32-122°F. In addition, the UX’s automatic nozzle cleaning functions greatly reduce the likelihood of blockages, enabling users to prolong uptime.

4. Linx 10 

Of all the featured continuous inkjet systems, the Linx 10 likely has the least impressive operating spec sheet. Offering a max speed of 160 m/min, a print height of 3.4”, and only three lines of print per application, the Linx 10 isn’t going to win users over with speed and power. However, it is notable for its high level of portability—a quality that CIJ printers aren’t commonly known for. Facilities and line operators often move around equipment in co-packing plants, and Linx has created a targeted solution for this, marketing the Linx 10 specifically for this behavior. 

Weighing only 24 pounds when filled with ink and makeup, the Linx 10 is easy to move around a work facility and doesn’t require a mobile cart. The system’s simple user interface and on-screen installation guide further simplify this process by breaking down all installation instructions in an easy-to-understand manner. The Linx 10 is an excellent choice for those requiring mobility from a CIJ system.

5. InkJet, Inc. DuraCode Touchscreen

Available from Willis, Texas-based aftermarket ink manufacturer InkJet, Inc., the DuraCode Touchscreen is a popular mid-market CIJ printer with solid specifications. With a 320 m/min. maximum speed, 0.59” print height, and a diverse ink portfolio made in-house, the DuraCode Touchscreen is a versatile CIJ model that won’t break the bank (it retails for around $8,000—a much more affordable price than Videojet, Markem-Imaje, Hitachi, or Linx can match).

In addition to offering solid printing specs, the DuraCode Touchscreen is also capable of withstanding many of the environmental conditions typically posed by an industrial worksite. Though not as well-fortified as the Hitachi UX, the DuraCode’s IP55 outer structure and relatively broad operating range (41-113°F) enable the model to fit into a variety of line setups and deliver quality coding results for years.

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